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This website displays New Brunswick potato crop, weather and pest information as it is collected from potato farms throughout the growing season.

Here you will find temperatures, rainfall, late blight severity values, and statistics on crop growth, aphid counts, insect pests and diseases for potato producing parishes throughout New Brunswick.  

Important Notice:
Late blight spores are present in small amounts in Maine at the following locations:

Late blight spores are present in small amounts in New Brunswick at the following locations:
St Andre

Early blight (alternaria) spores are present at very high numbers at several sites. Some varieties are heavily infected with alternaria.

Botrytis spores are present at very high numbers.

For weather, late blight severity values and aphid details select your parish directly from the list and click 'view'.


Summary Reports:

Weather Station Summary Report
Aphid Summary Report
Regional Data
Archive Data
Web Service Data

Daily Update Summary Tables:

Severity Values
Degree Days
Forecasted Severity

Advisory Pages:

Weekly crop and pest updates:

Note, only those parishes that have weather station or aphid reports available are included in the list.
Funded by the Canada/New Brunswick Embracing Innovation in Agriculture and Agri-Food Program in partnership with Potatoes New Brunswick.

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