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EARI10-041: Resolving Labeling Hurdles Facing an Antioxidant Table Potato

Applicant: Potatoes New Brunswick

Project Lead: Dino Kubik

Project Year(s): 2010 -2011      Status: Complete

Funding Source: Canada/New Brunswick Growing Forward (Non-Business Risk Management Programs)

Funding Program: Enabling Agricultural Research and Innovation

Objective: Resolve a regulatory labeling issue facing a number of New Brunswick farmers working to commercialize pigmented potato varieties based on the antioxidants in the potato/ the resolution of this regulatory issue will help New Brunswick potato farmers currently working to evaluate and commercialize pigmented potato varieties with antioxidant levels approaching 50% of that measure in blueberries. The project will also reduce the regulatory uncertainty and encourage interest in these varieties from additional growers and retailers. The project has selected “total polyphenolics” as the target for “Non-Nutritent Content Claim” based on consultations with national retailers and their producer category managers. It is the opinion of these experts that a measurement of ployphenolics is the best means of positioning the pigmented flesh potatoes as being premium product based on antioxidants.

Deliverables: This project will reduce the regulatory risk related to the development and commercialization of an antioxidant table potato and encourage greater uptake of this opportunity by New Brunswick farmers.

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