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EARI15-012: Improving Harvesting of Wild Blueberry

Applicant: Services Hall Ltée

Project Lead: Eric Hall

Project Year(s): 2015 -      Status: Complete

Funding Source: Canada/New Brunswick Growing Forward 2 (Non-Business Risk Management Programs)

Funding Program: Enabling Agricultural Research and Innovation

Objective: The project is based on the report submitted by the CCNB-MITTC on September 30, 2014 (Appendix “A”). On pages 7 and 8 of the report, there is a list of items deemed priorities for ensuring the proper operation of the harvester prototype.

Deliverables: Corrective measures for the prototype will begin in early April. This step will take between eight and 10 weeks. Then in mid-July, field testing will evaluate the performance of the harvester on site. In August, the prototype will be evaluated during the harvest. The evaluation will look at soil and box cleanliness, the harvest volume (yield), and the general functioning of the components.

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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